Get Involved

An essential part of the EES is providing opportunities for people to express their views, concerns and suggestions.

By getting involved you can help the Boundary Road Project team identify potential issues and effects, as well as give us feedback on project options or potential mitigation measures.

You can also participate in the formal EES process by providing written comments on the draft scoping requirements and the final EES. If required, as part of the EES process – a panel hearing will be conducted; if this is the case then there may also be opportunity to make verbal submissions.

It is early days in the Boundary Road Project and we will be advising you about opportunities to meet and understand more about the project as the various investigations progresses.

Leaving your contact details on our ‘Contact us’ page will mean we can keep you up-to-date with what is happening, as things become available.

If an EES is initiated, the Boundary Road Project team will contact local residents to arrange to meet with those who want more details.

We encourage you to be involved with the Project.