What Is An EES?

Under the Environment Effects Act 1978, an EES is an environmental assessment of any project which has potential environmental impacts or effects may be required. This assessment is known as an Environmental Effects Statement (EES).

Hillview Quarries has asked the Minister for Planning to decide whether an Environment Effects Statement is required “known as a Referral” to determine whether quarrying operations can resume at the Boundary Road quarry site and the additional resources on the site be extracted. On the 28th May 2018 the Minister has determined that an EES is the most appropriate process for this important project.

Hillview Quarries guided by the Government, will now be responsible for undertaking a rigorous process of investigations into impacts on flora and fauna, waterways, cultural heritage and community.

An EES includes comprehensive community consultation, giving you, and the wider community, the chance to voice any concerns and explore solutions.

An EES typically takes several years to complete.

Once completed, the EES will give government decision makers a sound basis upon which to decide whether quarrying can be re-established at the Boundary Road site and further resources of stone be extracted.