The need for the Boundary Road Project is simple – resources at the existing Hillview Quarry Drive site are diminishing. Depending on demand, the resource could be depleted in less than eight years.

Without resources, the quarrying business, and the RE Ross Trust, would not exist and the profits from the business would no longer be available to fund projects to help our fellow Victorians.

Since the Trust was established more than $110 million has been granted to projects that address disadvantage and inequity; encourage and promote social inclusiveness, community connectedness, health and wellbeing; and protect and preserve Australian flora and fauna in Victoria. For many of those who benefit, this philanthropy has been invaluable.

Re-establishing operations at the Boundary Road quarry and accessing the remaining stone resources at the site will ensure the future of the business and the Trust well into this century. It will also mean continued direct employment for the 35 or so people who make their living through Hillview Quarries and continued support for local businesses.

Equally, it is increasingly clear that the significant rock reserves that we believe are present will be important to fulfilling the state’s growing demand for stone for building and construction.

The significant increase in construction as Victoria’s population continues to boom, combined with the depletion of resources close to Melbourne, has effectively made Boundary Road a project of state significance.

New technologies and techniques mean the Boundary Road resource can be accessed more sensibly and sensitively now than might have been possible in the 1960’s

These resources are the very materials that are needed to build the roads and the houses our kids will need and we believe this site can, and should, play a key role in making them available.